To resume my web, and when you have done a complete service to your used FJ to leave it like new, I recommend the followings items to have

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Basic Items  to fit that you would have to include in your buying forecast

- Louder horn (in 1st position. The OE is ridiculous)

- Fazer 600/1000 brake master cylinder

- Clutch and brake metallic hoses

- Dunlop D205 or Avon AV45 AV46 (Radial tyres) with OE sizes

- KN air filter (fit it and leave it alone 50.000 kms. And it increases midrange and gives a fantastic groul sound))

- Colder spark plugs

- API SG 20-50W mineral oil in summer and 10-40w API SG mineral oil in winter

- SAE 12,5w fork oil with the OE springs (half SAE 10w and half SAE 15w)

- TCP fork protectors

- DID ZXVM chain and  JT sprockets

- Hagon fork springs (NOT for the last 3XW model, from 1991)

Stage 1 if you want to go a little more improving your FJ

- R1, Fazer 1000/600 to 2003, FJR1300 to 2006, Thunderace, Thundercat... fantastic Yamaha blue calipers

- R1 OE pads

- Vista Cruise control cruise. Essential if you plan a long travel

- Hepco and Becker hard luggage and Caverdale/Eclipse tankbags

- Motad slip-ons

Stage 2  your FJ will eat FJR1300s on the road by breakfast. Checked! ;-)

- Dynojet Stage 1 Carb kit

- IXIL (cheaps), F1 or OS slip-ons  . These look like my cans

- Factory ignition advancer

- EARL oil cooler

- Hagon and fork springs with SAE 10 w oil and OE shock with the mod on the spring

- Rear shock rods

- FZR/GSXR front/rear rims

- Bridgestone 020s



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