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Soft luggage

You can carry a lot of things and the soft bags dont worry stability if fixed with a pair of cargo nets.I have used these along years with different bikes from my FZR 600 to August 2013, fitted in my friend JC FJ, and they appear to be like new. The only drawback is that the bridge between them make the special seat cover to avoid passenger slippage superfluous. Excellent product. Mine ones are Spica brand. RECOMMENDED



Magnetic Tank bag

How could a motorist live without one?. I bought an enormous Caverdale mag bag in 1988 and after intensive use I bought a cavernous Eclipse one from the US in 1998. Fantastic buy both of them. All the things I could say are few to express all the bag has carried along years, with sun, water, ice, snow. Recommended!


Krauser hard luggage

 I bought my actual FJ with these fitted. It is a K2 system. Very useful if you carry a lot of things or if you go to visit any place: when you arrive, change your clothes, keep inside the cases the motorbike equipment and take no uncomfortable jackets or gloves on. Dont explore more than 160-180 km/h with these fitted. The bike start to move itself and it could be dangerous. The drawback is that the saddlebag-mounting brackets are bulky and these have to remain on the bike when the bags are off, making ugly our FJ.

Ah!, and apply a lot of screws glue to the fittings and use a couple of cargo nets to minimize the vibrations or the these will break the FJ rear sub-frame fittings. Trying to avoid the vibration, I replaced the original long metal fitting with 2 metal sticks, with a screw between them making a little of vibration absorbing functions. Bad solution anyway.

The top case vibrated horribly with no solution available. In fact, I lost it last year. And It was horrible, so I was fortunate. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL


 Givi rack

fitted in my FJ 1100, you can unfit refit the rack in 5 min with only 4 screws. Good, and as you can see, you could take your fat mother-in-law inside the bag  My friend Edus FJ fits a complete Givi fittings to carry 2 cases and the top case. The cases look less integrated in the FJ look, but the fittings are much more stronger, with no vibrations at all, solid and good finish. I recommend these far away than the Krauser system.

The Givi cases are excellent ones. I own a Maxia 52 type and the quality of finish is superb!


Yamaha OE hard cases

I am sure that these are Hepco and Becker ones. My friend JC bought them on eBay, and when I sold the 3XW I transplanted the cases to my 3CV. The fittings are fantastic and don't break the bike or vibrate. And they can easily be removed from the bike, leaving the rear carrier alone. I've fixed a Kappa support with tie-zips to carry the Givi case.

The only drawback is that you need  2 keys: one to close the case and one to have it fitted to the bike support, and the material of the keys is bad and poor. The good thing is that even with the key is difficult to open the case if you don't know a little trick. Anyway, I recommended them.


Hein Gerike soft travel bag

Do you see that like-rubbish-bag tied to the Jose Carlos rear bike tail? Well, it is a Hein Gerike cavernous travel bag. It is horrible, but is fantastic, and completely waterproof. RECOMMENDED!!. Watching his happy face everyday when travelling with him due to using dry underwear, I bought one of them too and Im so happy  like him